Our Orojects at the Orphanage

Sustainability Projects

We are very excited about the current sustainability projects underway at the orphanage located in Primo Tapia, Baja California. These include Hydroponic Garden Project in cooperation with the amazing Jamaak Escuela Verde, Fruit Tree & Raised Bed Garden Project, Poultry & Egg Project and the Sports, Art, Music Vocational Education & Work Internship Project.

Our mission is to implement and maintain sustainable systems that can feed and fund the orphanage. Our goal is to create programs that will give the youth skills and opportunities as they transition into the world beyond the orphanage.

We aim to provide hands-on education in the areas of agricultural, aquaculture and general farming skills that will benefit the youth now and in the future.

Sports, Art, Music, Vocational Education & Work Internship Project

With the sports, education and vocations projects our goal is to connect the youth aging out of the system with a plethora of opportunities. For the children of all ages  we have several programs currently running that require a small monthly donation. These funds are used to sponsor a child in a program of their choice.

Food Bank Project

By collectively working together, this project has the potential to make a huge positive impact on the lives of the orphans we serve. With a small investment of time and resources, we can continue to serve the children housed at the orphanage in Primo Tapia and other children in need at other orphanages in the future.

Hydroponics Garden Project

The hydroponics system we wish to build is called an NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) Hydroponics Grow System. Custom designed by Dr. Evnica Marina of Jamaak Escuela Verde Y Lechugas Hydroponicas, this system has the capacity to grow nutrient rich vegetables all year around.

Fish Farm

Currently being cleaned, refurbished and restored is a 10,000 liter cistern converted into a full aquaponics system engineered to supply 4 large grow beds with nutrient rich water. This system will have the capacity to harvest over 2,000 tilapia every 8-10 months.

Fruit Trees and Raised Bed Garden Project

On about 1 acre of land at the orphanage in Primo Tapia we have an orchard with various fruit trees. At one time this orchard yielded fruit for the children but since the pandemic it has been left unattended.

Chicken and Eggs Project

Next to the Orchard is a large chicken coop that has been vacant since the pandemic. Fresh eggs produced directly on the farm will soon be part of the children’s diet. We are happy to announce the first 5 chickens have been donated to the project and more soon to follow.

Sports, Art, Music, Vocational Education & Work Internship Project

Providing vocational training internships and job opportunities for the youth that have aged out of the government’s system is essential for their independence,  empowerment and a path for success in the future.