Get Involved

If you are able to assist the children in any of the following programs, please contact us!


Every one of our sustainable projects needs constant assistance. Contact us if you are interested in assisting. Volunteer in our garden, orchard, and aquaponics projects.

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Become an Educator

Please get in touch with us if you're interested in hosting seminars or workshops and imparting your knowledge of Language, Arts, Music, Sports etc to young people.

Help us create an event

Organizing events and involving the community not only provides children with access to new experiences and knowledge, but it also promotes a sense of community and encourages social connections.

Doctors and blood testing centers

We are always searching for medical support, namely for doctors who are willing to volunteer their time and make up regular visits to check on the children. It is also crucial to have access to a blood test center.

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Give a scholarship

When a child reaches the age of 18, they are no longer eligible for financial assistance from the government. Because of this, it is vital that adolescents who are interested in pursuing a higher education have the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship. It is essential for them to have preparation for college, funding and assistance throughout their school years.

Apprenticeship program

We are inviting all local businesses to build workshops and apprenticeships that teach the adolescent orphans skills, work ethic and reponsibility. The goal is to provide them with various work opportunities and business connections throughout the community.

Organizing field trips for the kids

Organizing educational outings for the children is an excellent way to give back and expand the children's horizons. Taking them to inspiring locations and venture out from the orphanage to learn first hand new things will broaden their world view in a positive way.