Food Bank Project


By collectively working together, this project has the potential to make a huge positive impact on the lives of the orphans we serve. With a small investment of time and resources, we can continue to serve the children housed at the orphanage in Primo Tapia and other children in need at other orphanages in the future.


After speaking with the caretakers at the orphanage, we have been able to compile a list of the most needed donations.  This list of needed items is broken into different groups for different group leaders to focus on acquiring those specific items. Obtaining items by group leaders outside of their focus will not be shunned, but the logic of focusing on specific items is to ensure that needed donations are consistently acquired.


Group leaders’ ability to involve their various social circles in this project is crucial for its success.  We are searching for like minded individuals to lead a small group of three to five volunteers who are willing to start a WhatsApp group with us with the aim of organizing the collection of donations. Donations are to be delivered to the drop off point on the last Friday of every month.

Because it’s easier to implement and achieve smaller goals, volunteers will be asked to commit to a trial period of only three months.

  • As the leader you will be responsible for 

    • Selecting others to work alongside you

    • Coordinating with the Food Bank Project Leader your donations focus

    • Logistics for acquiring the donation and their delivery to the drop point the last Friday of the month.

Please don’t be discouraged if all you can give is a small amount of your time or resources. Know that even the smallest amount of assistance can make a significant difference in the lives of the orphans we are serving.

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