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And The Magical Story About Turkish Towels During the Ottoman Era

We seek solutions for lightweight, safe, eco-friendly, quick-drying, and long-lasting. We are presenting our ancient Hammam towels. The magical multi-purpose towel was born in the early 14th century during the Ottoman Empire under the name “peshtemal” which is also called Aegean cotton. Aegean cotton is named for its source: it’s grown in the coastal Aegean Region of Turkey.

This premium organic cotton is recognized for its high quality and its extra-long fibers that allow it to open up softer with many uses and wash. It’s regarded as top-tier quality, luxurious, and ultra-soft cotton.

The benefits of these towels are easily dry, sand resistant, lightweight, durable, and versatile usages. It’s a reflection of the magnificent Sultan and Sultana lifestyle.

Hypoallergenic Aegean Cotton

Aegean cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, making it the perfect option for those who are prone to sensitivities. This cotton is also less likely to produce the dreaded static-cling that synthetic fibers are generally known to aggravate sensitive skin, and some types may even contain traces of chemicals that could cause widespread irritation.

In 2008, I traveled to Turkey at the invitation of a friend who represented the Turkish government I met at the Travel Expo. I bought some Aegean cotton towels, and surprisingly they solved my severe problem with sensitive skin. I fell in love with its quality and versatile usage. It made me curious about how it was made. I want to find out about the Aegean cotton farmer, the crafter, and everything about this specific textile industry. With an interesting surprise, my Turkish family used to work in the cotton fields when they were young, and I had compassion to hear about their stories. I am committed to making a difference in art and craft flat-woven families for many generations.

Our Mission: We intend to provide the Women’s shelter with recycled Aegean cotton so that their sewing workshops can use it to create baby bags, pouches, unisex shirts, and yoga trousers.


Let me introduce myself, my name is Vica Gafur and I was the daughter of the first Minister of Sport and Youth of Indonesia in the the late 80’s. Thirty years ago, The founder of Baja Angels of the Sea, Bruno Barbieri who loves to surf in Indonesia’s archipelago islands like Bali, Mentawai Island, and other parts of the world met me during my college time at a small party in West Hollywood.

We were like an old soul that we had met from our past life. My family loves him very much, especially my father, Dr. Abdul Gafur.

He invited Bruno to reside in Indonesia. We have a dream together to create a legacy and impact so many people in our lives. It was an honor and privilege when Bruno shared his vision of a special school for orphans on the island of Bali.

I trust his vision and his mission. I believe in the miracle of staying young spirit and happiness with an act of authentic giving back to women/children and the power of contribution.

While Bruno is building Baja Angels of the Sea, Vica is starting up Cabanasky, a Turkish traditional organic towel company for non-profit organizations with several social programs like Buy One Donate One, giving back programs for ocean cleanup, marine conservation, wildlife conservation, and artisan flat-woven families in Turkey.

With an extraordinary commitment, we are expanding Angels of the Sea to Far East Asia as our original conversation in the past several decades. We collaborate our passion and love for humanitarian workability till the end of our lives. Our ethos is “NOTHING TO PROVE — Just BE!

See the entire Cabana Sky & Baja Angels of the Sea – Collection here, including the amazing Buy One Donate One Turkish Towels!

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