Our Mission

We support and connect orphanages with diverse communities with the goal of creating and maintaining sustainable systems powered by local resources that in turn will provide healthy food, clean water, education, safety and love for the children.

Baja Angels of the Sea was founded in 2019 in Rosarito Mexico, BCN. We have just obtained our 501(c)3 status which helps facilitate the utilization of donations for any and all orphanages we can help.

Children without families are the most vulnerable people in the world. With successful projects, we hope to make the lives of these orphans better and this orphanage a model for future projects as we expand our efforts.

Our Team

Bruno Barbieri

Bruno Barbieri has been a traveler most of his life and began working with nonprofit organizations and orphans in Indonesia close to 20 years ago.


After several years of working with abused children and orphans he decided to investigate and study various methods to create a sustainable environment by creating a connection between the orphans he wished to serve and the community close by in Rosarito, Mexico.

Founder, CEO
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Mirella Johana

Mirella is a digital nomad, originally from Finland she now contributes to the Angels team in Mexico.
With a background in project management, marketing communications and web development, she feels she can truly be the voice of the children in various digital platforms, to raise awareness of this important cause and help give them a better future.
Marketing Director
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Manuel Ruiz Hernandez

Manuel studied Criminology at the University of Xochicalco. Later he got his Master's Degree in Oral Criminal Procedural Law and a General Law Degree.

Currently Manuel is the  Qualifying Judge and the acting Trial Lawyer in the public security department of Ensenada, Baja California.

Qualifying Judge and Trial Lawyer at Ensenada Public Security Department
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Evnika Marina Medina Romo

My name is Evnika Marina Medina Romo, I am Mexican from the city of Mexicali, B.C., and a resident of Ensenada, B.C. since 1995. I am an oceanologist by profession, with a Master’s degree in aquaculture and a doctorate in life sciences with a specialization in marine biotechnology. I have been dedicated to hydroponics since 2005, when I started as a self-employment activity at my home and began selling my lettuce to individuals.


As I gained experience, I founded my school Jamaak Green School on July 12, 2008, and my production gradually increased. I work as the general director of Jamaak Green School, project consultant, instructor of courses at our school and in coordination with Bofish and Verde Plakarq in distance courses. Additionally, Jamaak Green School has its productive part, Hydroponic Lettuces, where more than 8,000 lettuce pieces are produced per month, which are sold in the form of ready-to-eat salads to 13 local restaurants and in 3 markets.

MA in Aquaculture & PhD in Life Sciences
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Jerry Bruning

I have worked over 20 years in Manufacturing. The last 10 years as a Handyman in the United States and including working at Jamaak Green School as farmer and Handyman.

Farmer, Handyman
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